How to Use Dental Floss Correctly?

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Flossing, which is an important part of maintaining your dental health, is an effective way to clean debris and plaque between your teeth. However, flossing can be a step that many people accidentally skip or do incorrectly. In this article, you will learn why flossing is important and the correct techniques.

Why Is Dental Floss Important?

Brushing your teeth is an important part of cleaning your teeth, but the brush may not be able to reach the tight spaces between your teeth. Here’s where dental floss comes in:

Cleans Between Teeth: Dental floss cleans food residues and plaque between your teeth. This helps prevent cavities and gum problems.

Supports Gum Health: An important way to protect gum health is to floss below the gum line. This can reduce gingivitis and bleeding.

Prevents Bad Breath: One cause of bad breath is food debris stuck between the teeth. Cleaning these residues using dental floss provides fresher breath.

Correct Flossing Techniques

Choosing Proper Floss: There are different types of dental floss, such as thin or thick, wax-coated or uncoated. Choose a dental floss that you can use and fit comfortably between your teeth.

Sufficient Length: Cut a piece of dental floss about 45cm long. Stretch the string between your fingers and leave 2-3 cm of space between them.

Gently Threading Between Teeth: Gently pass the floss between your teeth, without damaging the gums. Wrap the floss around a tooth and clean it with an up-and-down motion.

Cleaning Each Tooth Again: Clean each tooth one by one. You can continue to use the same floss, but if it is dirty or torn, you should use a new piece.

Rinsing After: Rinse your mouth thoroughly after flossing.

Flossing is something that requires habit. It may be difficult at first, but you can get better with regular practice. Your dentist will be happy to teach you the correct techniques.

At istadental, we offer a range of services that help you maintain your dental health. In addition to using dental floss, regular dental check-ups and cleaning are also important. Contact us for treatment options and recommendations suitable for you.

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