Istadental – Istanbul Dental Aesthetic Clinic

Istadental is a full-service dental clinic composed of dentists and specialized professionals who have completed their postgraduate and specialized training in their respective fields. Focused on ideal aesthetic and functional parameters for teeth, jaws, and facial areas, Istadental is innovative in areas such as dynamic treatment and surgical planning, smile-focused aesthetic design, endodontics, oral implantology, periodontology, prosthetic dentistry, and anesthesia methods, all of which pertain to evolving clinical applications.

With specialist physicians who can quickly evaluate and provide the most appropriate dental solution,
  • With maximum health preservation and optimal treatment costs,
  • With our own high-quality dental laboratory,
  • With guaranteed dental treatment programs and applications,
  • With our experienced team and strong staff for international patients,
  • Sterile, with our clinic conforming to contemporary clinical standards,
  • With our policies that maintain patient satisfaction and environmental awareness at the highest level, we act with the awareness that our focus is solely on OUR PATIENTS and jaw and dental health practices, and guarantee that you will feel this difference in our clinic.

The dental health problems of our foreign patients are offered at the most affordable prices according to their own countries, and jaw and dental health diagnoses and treatments are performed with high-quality applications.

We promise to treat you with respect, take care of your dental health, and provide you with the highest service standard.

With the goal of achieving patient happiness and optimal treatment outcomes in all situations, Istadental has been providing services in the field of oral and dental health for over 10 years, striving for excellence in aesthetic dentistry with high-quality, state-of-the-art treatment methods and applications.

Istadental offers a privileged service with specialized doctors and a professional team, providing high-quality oral care services that cover all advanced dental treatments, including implants, prosthetics, veneers, smile designs, and aesthetic dentistry. Although oral and dental problems are a complex subject that requires different solutions for each patient, the clinic aims for the highest level of patient satisfaction with years of experience.

Quality Policy

In All Our Treatments For Oral And Dental Health, We Follow The Following Principles:
• We Provide Our Patients With Communication Based On Trust, Friendly, Modern, And Impeccable Service.
• We Carry Out Personalized Treatment By Being Aware That All Our Patients Are Unique Individuals.
• We Ensure That The Satisfaction Of Our Patients Regarding Aesthetic Dentistry Is Taken Into Account And Kept At The Highest Level.
• We Use The Latest Technological Devices And Equipment For Oral And Dental Health Treatments.
• We Conduct Scientifically Based Treatments In Dentistry.
• We Apply All Necessary Sterilization Measures And Fulfill All Hygienic Requirements.
Our dedicated staff is committed to following all these quality policies and continuously improving all activities in line with the standards.


Our Values


Our primary mission is to provide the best possible oral and dental health care and ensure excellence in all services to help our patients meet their needs!

Vision to achieve our mission

At Istadental, we will continuously stay up-to-date with the best and latest materials and technologies in dentistry,
• We will comprehensively attend to the needs of our patients in oral and dental health,
• We will continue to evolve as medical professionals, but never forget that our profession is a medical care, In fulfilling our mission,
• we will touch everyone involved in this process by promoting communication and empathy.