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İstadental: The Destination for Healthy and Beautiful Smiles

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İstadental: The Destination for Healthy and Beautiful Smiles

Located in one of the popular districts of Beşiktaş, İstadental is renowned for its expertise in dental health and aesthetic smile design. If you’re looking to rediscover your smile and prioritize your dental health in Istanbul, İstadental is the right place to be.


İstadental offers the best implant treatment for missing teeth. Dental implant procedures in Istanbul are performed by expert doctors and supported by state-of-the-art equipment. İstadental’s implants help you achieve results closest to natural teeth.

E-max Crown:

For decayed or damaged teeth, E-max crown treatment offers aesthetic and durable results. The experts at İstadental ensure that crowns are designed specifically for each patient, allowing them to have beautiful smiles.

Hollywood Smile:

Inspired by celebrities’ smiles, Hollywood Smile, a design that turns heads, becomes a reality at İstadental. Having bright, flawless, and white teeth is no longer a dream.

Natural Smile Design:

Redesign your teeth naturally to create a smile that’s unique to you. İstadental customizes your teeth and provides a more natural appearance.

All on Four / All on Six:

A special approach to dental implants, All on Four / All on Six, efficiently completes missing teeth. İstadental offers this treatment option for achieving the best results.


Veneer treatment resolves aesthetic issues with thin coatings, making your teeth look brighter and more even. İstadental provides Veneer treatment at the highest level for patients to achieve aesthetic smiles.


Zirconium, a material that combines durability and aesthetics, is excellent for dental applications. İstadental offers patients natural and strong teeth using zirconium coatings and bridges.

İstadental supports these treatment options with the latest technology equipment and experienced doctors. That’s why İstadental is one of the best dental health centers in Istanbul.

Rediscover your smile and prioritize healthy teeth by choosing İstadental. This reliable dental health center in Beşiktaş offers personalized and high-quality services.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Digital X-rays

İstadental boasts the latest technology in dental health and smile design. 3D imaging, digital dental design, and digital X-ray devices make treatment processes more precise and effective. These technologies offer faster and more reliable results to patients.

Experienced Doctors and Patient-Centered Approach

Doctors and assistants at İstadental have years of experience and expertise. Patient satisfaction is İstadental’s priority. They take the time to understand how to best restore your smile by providing personalized treatment to each patient.

VIP Services for International Patients

İstadental offers an unforgettable experience for international patients. From the moment they disembark from the plane, they are greeted with VIP transfer vehicles, provided with accommodations in luxury hotels, and offered special tours to explore Istanbul. This ensures that patients can comfortably go through the treatment process.

Supporting Social Responsibility Projects

İstadental values contributing to the community. Therefore, they support social responsibility projects by providing assistance to the homeless and street animals.

Guarantee and Maintenance Services

After treatment, patients are educated on how to use their new teeth. İstadental also offers post-treatment care and a 5-year guarantee.

A Healthy and Beautiful Smile with İstadental

İstadental is one of the best dental clinics in Istanbul and is an ideal destination for a healthy, beautiful smile. Benefit from İstadental’s expertise and patient-focused approach to rediscover your smile. Don’t forget to smile while visiting Istanbul!

Istadental is a full-service dental clinic composed of dentists and specialized professionals who have completed their postgraduate and specialized training in their respective fields

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